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Dear Member,

Your Board of Directors would like to welcome you to NIPOC. We are pleased that you are or decided to be a part of NIPOC. We look forward to meeting you at our future events.

We strongly encourage you to participate and contribute to NIPOC committees and activities. In particular we invite you to get involved as volunteer, bringing your ideas for planning and execution of various events. You will be fulfilled knowing that you are making contribution to your community as well as developing either business relationships or professional skills that may help you in your own pursue of success.

Thank you for being part of NIPOC community.

Sincerely yours,

Board of Directors


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NIPOC is a grass-root, non-profit organization, with no religion preference or political affiliations. Our Mission is to promote professional and business opportunity among our members, raise awareness of rich Persian heritage/culture among Iranians and Americans, and unify Iranian-Americans in serving public and social causes in our community.

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