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Pergen Society Officers

Asal Namini

My name is Asal Namini. I've studied Finance and Economics and I work as the business development manager for a company in Irvine. I joined PerGen to help increase awareness of the Persian culture among the younger generation who grew up in the United States. I also want to help them achieve their goals by providing them with opportunities to learn from their peers. During this period, I have met many professionals in our community who have positively impacted me and I hope to meet many more as we build PerGen with your help and participation.
Shirin Namini:

My name is Shirin Namini and I’m studying social media marketing at California state university of Long Beach. I'm fluent in Persian and English. I love to plan and organize events and I’m hoping this will be my future career. I decided to join PerGen in order to bring the young Persian generation together by holding cultural, educational, and sporting events.
Alireza Ebrahimi

Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed:

Negeen is a UC Irvine student majoring in Political Science and plans to attend law school in the future. She is an intern at the United Nations Association of Orange County.
Milaad Forootan:

I was initially interested in getting involved in NIPOC when I realized how critical a person’s network can be to their success. As an Iranian living in Orange County it important that we embrace our small community and look to create our network locally and then expand from there. PerGen was a great format for me to get to know others who share the same values and have an eye on success. I encourage anyone who would be interested to look into PerGen or other communities focused on success and networking.




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