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Business Network Society of Orange County


I. Mission Statement

Business and Professional Networking Society promotes professional and business opportunities among NIPOC members and Iranian-American community. Business and Professional Networking Society’s objective is to enhance, educate, and facilitate individuals and businesses in a collaborative environment. Activities include but are not limited to trade shows, job fair, marketing and entrepreneurship seminars, and career/employment assistance.

II. Charter

The Business and Professional Networking Society charter rights and privileges are aligned with NIPOC’s bylaws and regulations. Members of this society can present, promote and share their business ideas, professional skills, products, and services.

III. Major Events

  • Trade shows and Exhibitions - Annual and semi-annual events.
  • Job fair - Promoting employment opportunities for members and Iranian-American community

IV. Other Activities

  • Networking Events - Periodic business and social gatherings to create an environment to present and promote members’ businesses, and professional services
  • Seminars – Business, professional, and informative seminars
  • Career counseling and resume writing assistance
  • Marketing and Business consulting services
  • Collaboration and joint events with other business organizations
  • Participation in community business activities such as Chambers of Commerce
  • Online business directory and business rating system



Copyright © 2018 Network of Iranian-American Professionals of Orange County (NIPOC)
NIPOC is a grass-root, non-profit organization, with no religion preference or political affiliations. Our Mission is to promote professional and business opportunity among our members, raise awareness of rich Persian heritage/culture among Iranians and Americans, and unify Iranian-Americans in serving public and social causes in our community.

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Office: 949-273-6543

Email: info@nipoc.org


5 Old Field, Suite 250

Irvine CA

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